Orientation trips
The Mondriaan Fund organises orientation trips for visual artists and mediators to Asia, Latin America and Africa since 2004. The trips are aimed at exchange and cooperation between visual art professionals.


Epilogue: You can sit here forever

Last day orientation trip 2016, an epilogue


Armenia: Close to paradise – Observations during the orientation trip

If you enjoy improvised systems as much as I do, Armenia is close to paradise.


Day 11 and 12 Gyumri

Gyumri is actually the second city of Armenia and was for many decades Armenian’s cultural center.


Day 9 – Yerevan

If one is to review an ancient, distant history, one cannot help but do so through the lens of the current, through a kind of parallel contemporary – the result of an evolution, or a lack there-of.


Day 8 – Yerevan

A visit to the Paradjanov museum in Yerevan is a real pleasure, not only because of the works this museum has on display...


Day 6 – Tehran

In a typical English brickhouse, probably dating from the 1910’s, Pejman Foundation is going to open its doors in the very near future.


Day 5 – Tehran

In the morning a bus takes us to Bon-Gah, a non-profit and artist-run initiative in Karasht, about an hour drive from the old city center.


Day 4, getting a burger

On November 4 Iran remembers the storming of the American Embassy in 1979 by reenacting it. Coincidently a visit to Kashan and Esfahan...


Day 4 – Isfahan

In Isfahan the air was cool and fresh. The city felt vibrant and easy-going, and there was music in the public park of the river-bed.


Iran: Street observations during the visitors program.

In my art practice I work in public space. In Iran public and private spaces have a specific connotation when compared to other parts of the world.


Day 3 – Kashan & Isfahan

We are on our way to Kashan, a city 250 kilometers south of Tehran, known for its traditional architecture and craftsmanship.


Day 2 – Tehran

One could say that the museum set up in the images below is the testimony of a dusty and conservative museography.


Day 1 – Tehran

Monday 9.45 a.m. a group of art professionals from around Europe arrived at No. 2 Roshan Manesh Alley on a publicly funded program.


In Anticipation of Nomadic Carpets, In Full View of Vomiting Swans.

Did you know Iran is in it’s own time zone? It’s two and a half hours behind the Netherlands. I have no idea where the extra half hour comes from.


First introduction to Tehran, from a girl’s perspective

Tehran is an enormous city. And we’ve only been here for a short week. So I’m not sure what I can say already. But as a prequel to the orientation trip...


Prelude to the trip; The DARS Platform workshop program

Whilst I was preparing for the orientation trip to Iran and Armenia, a request came from the Dutch embassy asking whether I would be willing...


The 2016 Trip

The 2016 trip is organised by the Mondriaan Fund. Participating institutes are the Flanders Arts Institute, Danish Arts Foundation and Pro Helvetia.