Orientation trips
The Mondriaan Fund organises orientation trips for visual artists and mediators to Asia, Latin America and Africa since 2004. The trips are aimed at exchange and cooperation between visual art professionals.


Orientation Trip 2012

The 2012 trip is organised by the Mondriaan Fund. Participating institutes are BAM – the Flemish institute for visual, audiovisual and media art, the Danish Agency for Culture and Pro Helvetia.


Day 1 & 2

In the fully operating “Exchange Avenue” room (highly recommended for a very functional, HUO type of meeting) each participant addresses the group...


Day 3

Good morning Hong-Kong! We started our jam-packed day with a much-needed caffeine injection in a little coffee bar next door to the hotel...


Day 4

It had become late the previous night, tasting a range of famous Hong Kong desserts in a traditionally looking alley, someplace in quickly gentrifying West Kowloon District.


Day 5

I start with a sincere word of thank to the Mondriaan Fund and the BAM for inviting me on this unique trip.


Day 5 Evening

After the morning’s very long introductory session, we took a short bus ride to visit the He Xiangning Art Museum.


Day 6

We left the hotel in Shenzhen in the morning where they don’t have floor numbers with a 4 in it, like 4, 14, 24, because they think it stands for bad luck in China.


Day 7

Considering the misty morning Guangzhou offered once we walked out of the Dongfang Hotel (one brief note on the hotel:


Day 8

Today was our last day in China. We were a few people that went for a quick swim in the hotel pool before breakfast.


Day 9

On our first morning in Jakarta, it seems we were lucky enough to miss the city’s notorious traffic jams and quickly arrived to our destination, Erasmushuis...


Day 10

The last day in Jakarta. Due to heavy traffic we sampled all our meetings in one place: the ‘Ruang Rupa’ space.


Day 12

On this penultimate journey, the day before we actually head home, we have some (short) time off before we head to our first meeting at the KUNCI cultural centre.


Day 12

KUNCI Cultural Studies Center is a non-profit and independent organization established in in 1999 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


Day 13

Borobudur, or Barabudur, is a 9th century Mahayana Buddhist Temple in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia.


Day 13

Today we end this perfectly organized orientation trip (bravo Haco, un Tour de Force!) with a visit to the mythical Buddhist temple of Borobudur...