Orientation trips
The Mondriaan Fund organises orientation trips for visual artists and mediators to Asia, Latin America and Africa since 2004. The trips are aimed at exchange and cooperation between visual art professionals.


some additional links and files

Dear all, some additional information: here is a link to the photo stream of BM Suma in Istanbul...


Going home

Saturday night we got up at two in the morning and were taken to the airport at 2h30. Everyone was tired, of course, and a bit bleary-eyed.


waiting in Bamako

Our flight has been cancelled and we spent the day waiting in Bamako, catching up on sleep, paying some final visits to people...


group pictures!


After the evaluation

After the evaluation we went to the studio of Malick Sidibé, the famous photographer. He wasn’t there unfortunately but his son took our group photo.


Our last day in Bamako

We’re completing the complex business of checking 18 people out of the hotel and settling the bills. Those of us who are ready and packed meet in the lobby.


third day in Bamako

The most interesting part of the Orientation Trip has been precisely its ability to relocate us in areas that exceed their own reality.


L’agencement artistique et l’articulation de la responsabilité sociale

La journée de 9 mars a commencé par l’envoi d’une photo d’Aminata Dramane Traoré sur le réseau social Facebook.


9 march: Cotton weaving & texile industry in Mali

Awa Meite is a fashion designer. She draws her inspiration from African and Malian craft traditions, and has a strong preference for...


To have information is a fundamental right

On the way in the plane from Lagos to Bamako I read a short interview with the well known Nigerian writer Wole Soyinkna (1934).


Traveling from Lagos to Bamako

Woke up Muslim time with a call from the reception. Morning prayer accompanied the quick shower and the sit-on-suitcase ritual.


Lagos → Bamako

After many stops we arrived safe and sound at Bamako tonight.


Visual Arts Scene in Lagos

The Nigerian commercial capital Lagos never ceases to offer surprises to first time and regular visitors alike – it is alive and kicking...


Very often it is the energy of a few individuals that can make an art scene flourish

Very often it is the energy of a few individuals that can make an art scene flourish. To my opinion Lagos is all about that.


Artists who presented their work on our first day in Lagos

This is the list of artists who joined us in the Bogobiri Hotel and presented their work:


First day in Lagos

Still alive and kicking after our first day in Lagos, which might be considered a miracle taking the numerous traffic jams into consideration.


In Lagos we were joined by four art professionals from Ghana

John Owoo: journalist, arts writer and also working for the Alliance Francaise in Accra. You can find his contribution to the blog here.


Day 4: Arriving in Lagos

After a 7 hours flight we arrived yesterday evening in Lagos, the biggest city and commercial (not official) capital of Nigeria.


The need to find reality

Yesterday we had a discussion session with a group of curators at DEPO, which was organized by Basak Senova.


goodbye – hello

We’re leaving Istanbul with a 3 o’clock flight to Lagos, Nigeria. This morning, there was time till 12 o’clock for individual appointments.


istanbul, day 3, by krishna

Today the weather seems even colder than the last two days we have been here, the sky is grey and it’s raining outside.


March 2, after the lunch

During lunch it had started to rain. We were sitting with a view of the water and could see the seagulls flying by, in big chaotic groups...


March 2 – Istanbul

We start the day visiting the IKSV, the Istanbul Foundation for Culture & Arts. The IKSV is based in this nice building with an amazing view.


Images of Tuesday, March the 2nd

Tomorrow, more info on this interesting day will follow. In the meantime, there are always new images on Flickr.


Some pictures of Monday in Istanbul

(more images on Flickr!)


Monday – Istanbul Day 1

We leave the hotel by foot shortly after 9.30, after waiting for Maaike who is feverishly working on her blog.


Sunday – arriving in Istanbul

We arrived around 5 o’clock in Istanbul – cold, windy and grey. Our first ride was from the airport to the hotel, the first part of this trip...


Prince Claus Fund activities in Turkey, Nigeria and Mali

This pdf contains the activities of the Prince Claus Fund in Turkey, Nigeria and Mali.