Orientation trips
The Mondriaan Fund organises orientation trips for visual artists and mediators to Asia, Latin America and Africa since 2004. The trips are aimed at exchange and cooperation between visual art professionals.


Thank you!

On behalf of Mondriaan Foundation, Prince Claus Fund, BAM and OCA, we would like to thank all the institutions that we visisted during this orientation trip.


The final day by Dirk Snauwaert

Derde dag in een metropool waar alles erop wijst dat de overheid zich er uit grote delen van het publieke domein heeft teruggetrokken...


Lima, day 7. Centro de la Imagen by Xander Karskens

After a healthy breakfast in our nothing-fancy-but-nice-enough hotel La Paz, we embarked on a short bus ride to the Centro de la Imagen.


Day 7, Museo Pedro de Osma by Kossi Hemadzro Assou

This museum Museo Pedro de Osma is built on the spirit of the victory of Peru over their colonizers.


Day 6 by Emily Ansenk

After a specially long night – not because of the Argentina-tango or trendy Clubs – and a 6 hour flight from Buenas Aires to Lima with some troubles at the airport...


Day 6, symposium by Meta Knol

In the creative jungle of Lima all the participants are surviving in their own way. Lack of state funding, limited development of civil society...


Day 5, the first part, by Jos Van den Bergh

In the morning the group had the pleasure to visit START (Fundacion Sociedad Technologia Arte). We were wellcomed by Roberto Jacoby...


Global? Local? Loco! by Thibaut Verhoeven

Writing – or blogging, whatever – about the symposium ‘Curating Transnational Projects: the global in the local’, hosted by the PROA-Foundation in Buenos Aires...


Day 4 by Maxine Kopsa

I don’t know if it’s the heavy remains of slightly too much deep fry mix or the fact that some of us had sushi up to three times yesterday...


Curating transnational projects: the local in the Global

The symposium (as well as other events like this that Forum Permanente organised since 2003) can be seen on the Forum Permanente website.


Day 3: Tomie Ohtake and SESC

We started the day with a visit to Instituto Tomie Ohtake. The group was welcomed by Ricardo Ohtake, general manager and son of the famous Brazilian/Japanese painter...


Day 3, our visit to Pinacoteca

At the Pinacoteca we meet the curator Ivo Mesquita. He gives us an introduction and the tour of the two locations of the Pinacoteca.


Tonight you can follow the first symposium online

At six o clock (local time) you will be able to view and listen to our first symposium.


Day 2, the afternoon visits by Solveig Ovstebo

Leaving the well funded and almost science fictional equipped institution of MIS, we arrived Paco des Artes, the Palace of art.


Day 2, more visits by Agoeng Koerniawan

Choque cultural center is a gallery for street art that situated in a house that converted into a gallery. The gallery aims is to promote young artists...


Day 2, our morning visits by Meta Knol

Are the whitest of modernist white cubes to be found in Sao Paulo? This morning we went out to discover the world of Brazilian commercial galleries.


Sao Paulo: Institutional reconnaissance, day 1. Plus: a short meeting with JP Balkenende. By Xander Karskens

When moving a group of 20 people through the mother of all concrete jungles we call Sao Paulo, it’s impossible to overestimate the importance of two things:


Day 1, the afternoon by Emily Ansenk

As a Dutch person you always have to start with the weather, so I ‘ll tell you how it was: extremely hot. After lunch and the visit at Museu de Arte Sao Paulo (MASP)


We arrived in Sao Paolo

We arrived in hot and sticky Sao Paolo and had a nice dinner and drinks at a local bar/restaurant. Willem posted some images on Flickr.